Engaging MedLink Innovation during a project’s concept phase gives a project the greatest opportunity to succeed. Identifying and defining the project’s requirements, selecting appropriate technology, evaluating market potential and competitors, and assessing risk early avoids time and budget waste.

Key development phases:

  • Define project requirements
  • Assess feasibility and relevant technology
  • Review existing technology and intellectual property
  • Design concepts
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Design refinement
  • Coordinate manufacturing
  • Project Management

Technical disciplines:

  • Mechanical design
  • Materials and manufacturing
  • Electronics
  • Software
    • microcontroller firmware
    • automation and control
    • desktop user interface

Whether a project requires a single component solution or a complex electro-mechanical device under software control, MedLink Innovation’s experienced biomedical engineers can take a project from concept, to prototype, to production.


MedLink Innovation provides design and development services to create practical solutions for research organisations, healthcare institutions, and medical technology companies.