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We asked our clients for feedback on their experience working with the Medlink Team, and this is what they said:

"These people have been amazing.  I would not be in this beautiful country in my dream job had it not been for their guidance, expertise and attention to detail.  They helped me through the entire process and, although I've been in New Zealand for several months, still continue to guide me through and keep in touch." Dr J Cohen, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Consultant, USA 

"My personal consultant was great.  Was always prompt in her reply to questions and kept me informed when dealing with the Medical Council and Hospital.  Her follow up was exceptional making sure that I was happy and settled.  Would recommend to anyone 5 star rating."                                 Dr M Merchant, Internal Medicine Consultant, USA  

"The reception I got from Medlink on my arrival made me feel at home. I would be delighted to recommend highly of Medlink services to any overseas doctor who wishes to come and work in New Zealand. With Medlink they could be confident to be well guided and well placed. I find Medlink very enthusiastic, friendly and prompt. Their approach is sincere and one could fully rely on their service."   Dr P Das, Consultant Psychiatrist 

"The support I received from Medlink with relocation to New Zealand exceeded expectations, Medlink's a reliable partner you can count on."                Dr T Marquardt, Anaesthetic Registrar, UK

"The immediate contact, helpful information about the group interviews and assistance with negotiating the contract exceeded our expectations.   Medlink was very helpful in the medical licensing process and provided many details about relocating/immigrating to New Zealand from their Resource Library.   The 'Meet and Greet' service provided by them was so helpful, particularly if you are coming to work in NZ for the first time.  They were very willing to talk with my spouse who handled many details of our relocation, which other locum companies did not offer.  They provided personalised service, which sets them apart from other locum agencies.   We were extremely happy with working with Medlink.  I was offered a wide variety of jobs and felt happy with the job I did choose.  Having a working holiday for six months, one year or longer is a great way to see the country.   New Zealand is a gorgeous country.  Medlink made the process of finding a job and relocating to NZ much easier.  The consultant's were helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable about all aspects of the move, and made us feel at home.  I highly recommend them and Medlink." Dr N Clayton, Consultant Psychiatrist, USA

"After my initial contact with Medlink I felt super confident that I would be able to find the position I was looking for in New Zealand & the variety of suitable vacancies offered to me to consider exceeded my expectations, also the personalised treatment from my consultant was excellent and greatly appreciated.  All input from the point of registration was prompt and precise. All questions answered immediately and advice given practically and honestly. Very personalised experience, which made a huge life-changing move, as easy and carefree as possible."  C Davies, Dietitian, UK 

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