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Every candidate that we represent has individual needs and requests so we treat everyone individually, however, outlined below are the generic steps that everyone will need to go through to be able to work in New Zealand.  There are four steps to the process:

Step 1 - Applying to Medlink

You will need to fill in our standard application form to be considered for a suitable vacant position. We will also need a copy of your CV to allow us to represent you in the best possible light for a vacancy. If you have not already done so, you should apply now using our registration forms so that we can start the process of looking for a position for you.

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Step 2 Securing a position

If you are successful in securing a position, we will forward you a job offer and contract from the hospital or other facility. Once you have signed this document, Medlink will assist in gaining Approval in Principal on your behalf from the New Zealand Immigration Service. Your employer becomes your sponsor for this application and you are legally obligated to work for them while you are living and working in New Zealand.

Further information can be obtained from:

Immigration New Zealand

Step 3 Your registration

To work in New Zealand you will need to gain registration for the Medical Council or other registeration authority. Our consultants will guide you through the process of registration, to do this, you will need to hold a medical degree from an approved medical school, entitled to registration in your own country and can effectively communicate in English.

Registration applies to all overseas-trained doctors from junior doctor to specialist opening. For more detail, have a look at the Registration/Licensing section

Further information can be obtained from:

Medical Council of New Zealand Self Assessment


Step 4 Your visa

To allow you to work in New Zealand, you will need to secure a temporary work visa. A temporary work visa is an endorsement in your passport, which allows you to work in New Zealand; it will state the expiry date and conditions.

It is important that you gain employment and registration before applying for your visa. Temporary work visas can be obtained for a period of up to 3 years.Most foreign doctors commit to a minimum of one year and this may be extended for a further one or two years. As part of your visa application process you may need to undertake full medicals and x-rays. Your temporary visa can take from one week to 30 days to arrange. If you are interested in seeking a permanent visa and registration, this is can be arranged prior to or once you arrive in the country as this process can take anywhere from 6 to 24 months.

Further information can be obtained from:

Immigration New Zealand

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