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As part of our quality assurance processes we are required to make certain that all candidates we represent meet the legislative and registration requirements for the positions that we put them forward to. For all placements we will require that you assist us in assessing your eligibility by signing a disclosure and consent form which will allow us to advise you appropriately. Your responses will be treated with the strictest of confidence. Issues that we will check on include the following:

  • Certificate of Good Standing/Verification of Licensure - The Registration (License) Boards will ask for evidence from your current and previous medical registration bodies that you are a candidate of good standing and do not have restrictions on practice. Have you ever been investigated by any medical board/council or suspended from duty pending investigation? Have you ever had your license to practice revoked or cancelled for any reason?
  • Health Requirement - Medical Boards require full disclosure of medical conditions that may adversely affect your ability to carry out your clinical duties. They may grant registration with the condition of medical supervision.  Have you ever had any medical conditions (including physical, mental health or substance abuse conditions) that would adversely affect your ability to carry out your clinical duties?
  • Visa Health Requirements - Immigration will ask about infective medical conditions that may pose a health risk to the country, or chronic conditions, the treatment of which may place a financial burden on public health services. Do you or any member of your proposed travel party have a health problem (including communicable diseases) that may preclude them from gaining a visa in an overseas country?
  • Police Clearance Requirements - Immigration will also require evidence that you have no criminal record and will reserve the right to refuse a visa depending on the severity of the criminal charge. Have you ever been convicted of a crime that is recorded against your name that might affect an application for a police clearance as required for an overseas work visa?





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